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Back in Florida, new CD coming! - Nov 7 2012

Well, we arrived back in Florida a few weeks ago and have been settling back in, more or less. I recorded a new EP this summer in Asheville – I've got a few advance copies available! You can pick one up at a live show.

That's all for now, folks – hope to see my Florida friends soon, if I haven't already! 

Asheville! - July 10, 2012

We packed up the kids in the RV and drove to Asheville for the summer, in a cloud of fryer oil fumes. It's just beautiful up here in the mountains.

Florida folks, I'll see you in October. Asheville folks, I'm working on getting some shows booked! Hope to see you, or meet you, soon!


Folk Alliance conference, and Kerrville - June 17, 2012

The little mini-tour we did this spring was a lot of fun, and very satisfying. I attended the SERFA (Southeast Regional Folk Alliance) conference in Montreat, NC. SERFA has to be one of the most supportive, friendly, amazing groups I've ever experienced. And there was so much good music to be experienced. Between SERFA, the Folk Alliance International conference I went to in February, and the Kerrville Folk Festival, this has been the most intense year of my life for seeing amazing live music, up close.

From Montreat, we went to the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. Very similar vibe to SERFA, and even saw a couple of the same people there. But it was huge! It took a day or two to wrap my head around, and then it was just an amazing experience. I got to play music in song circles with incredibly talented songwriters. And again, it was just a great group of people and a pleasure to hang out with them.

I did a show in San Antonio and had a really good time there, then a show in Gainesville, FL, with Kathleen Taylor and 800 Mile Monday, (they were both so good) then headed back to Tampa Bay.

Here's a video of a new song, from the Gainesville show, filmed by David Ulloa:

Back in Florida! - March 30, 2012

Well, I'm back in Florida and officially done with the Son of Ojito tour - what a lot of work that was! We had a great time on the road. I officially wrapped it up with a show at Green Organix, in downtown Clearwater - here's a photo of that show:

More news soon - I'm planning to record my next album later this year! Stay tuned.


Some press - Jan 19, 2012

It ain't all that easy keeping up with stuff like updating the news on the website when I'm on tour, as it turns out. But here goes, with some press I've gotten since leaving Florida!

First, there was this great CD review in Pulse Magazine - wordpress/2012/01/01-12-on-cd

Here's some press from Flagstaff Arizona for my show there. If you scroll down, it's titled Lyrical Paintings - flagstafflive_story.cfm?storyID =228160

I had a good article in the Albuquerque Journal here: entertainment/ songwriters-family-along-for-th e-ride-inspiration.html

Plus Vandala Magazine picked up my press release for their January online issue - go to page 35 here:

You can also tune in for more news on my Facebook page, here:

 Here's the latest newsletter! - Oct 6, 2011

I'm going to make you have to click a link in order to read the latest newsletter about the summer tour. I know it's just laziness, but it would be a lot of work to fit this whole slew of stories and photos on my little news page here! Anyhow, read up!


SON OF OJITO tour news - August 31, 2011

Just got back to Florida from the East US leg of the Son of Ojito 2011 tour. I had a great time and I have lots of stories - you can read the first newsletter from my tour here. It tells about the first half of the trip. I'll be doing another one soon for the latter half of our journey through the East US. Sign up for the mailing list on the left side of this page, if you want to get the next installment emailed to you, and be updated as news occurs! For those of you out west, I'll be heading your way this winter, and I'll use the email list to alert you to upcoming shows, as well. For those of you in Florida, I'll be doing some local shows in the next few months before we leave!

SON OF OJITO East US tour! - June 8, 2011

The East US leg of the Son of Ojito 2011 tour begins on June 17! See the shows page for the shows booked so far, and check back for updates!


Son of Ojito has been getting radio airplay around the US and in Canada (and even Italy!) Here are the stations who've played it so far:

WCVM (Morrisville, NY);WSHC (Shepherdstown, WV); KMNR (Rolla, MO); KUWS (Superior, WI); KWLC (Decorah, IA); WBOR (Brunswick, ME); WOBN (Westerville, OH);
CFCR (Saskatoon, SA); CFRE (Mississauga, ON); CHRW (London, ON); CJUM (Winnipeg, MAN); KALA (Davenport, IA);
KAPU (Azusa, CA); KCCR (Tacoma, WA); KDNK (Carbondale, CO); KDUP (Portland, OR); KEOL (La Grande, OR);
KGFN (El Cajon, CA); KHNS (Haines, AK); KIDE (Hoopa, CA); KJAK (Flagstaff, AZ); KLCR (Dubuque, IA);
KLPI (Ruston, LA); KMUD (Redway, CA); KRVS (Lafayette, LA); KUNI (Cedar Falls, IA); KVNF (Paonia, CO);
KZMU (Moab, UT); WAMH (Amherst, MA); WBLD (W. Bloomfield, MI); WCCH (Holyoke, MA); WCVF (Fredonia, NY);
WCWP (Brookville, NY); WFCF (St. Augustine, FL); WMHD (Terre Haute, IN); WMNF (Tampa, FL);WMPG (Portland, ME); WRBC (Lewiston, ME); WRPI (Troy, NY); WSUP (Platteville, WI); WVUD (Newark, DE) and
Radio Voce Spazio (Alessandria, Italy).


Read the full story here:


The CD release party for Son of Ojito will be held on April 16, 2011, at 8 PM. We're doing it at Clear Track Studios, 814 Franklin Street, Clearwater, FL 33756. David will play, as well as Dumb Blind Luck and Steve Vaclavik. Come out and have a great time! $4 admission includes refreshments. All ages welcome.

REVIEWS FOR SON OF OJITO! - March 17, 2011

Here's what the reviewers have said so far:

"David Rosenfield is the quintessential gentleman songster of our times; entertaining in a truly organic and knowingly experienced way." - Simaen Skolfield, Grammy Award winning recording engineer.


"...the way in which he writes and sings his story-like lyrics is astonishing – he is a true 21st century story teller through music."
MF Greens, Vandala Ezine, March 2011