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At the ripe old age of 34, David Rosenfield is a fatalist and optimist. He has waltzed through a life of dusty basements and mountain tops, looking for that golden child called happiness. To see him perform live is to witness some kind of an impassioned backwoods poet, as he yells, or whispers, or croons.

 The Clearwater, FL, based indie folk singer has toured the US in the last year, playing shows from Florida to New York, and out to California, to promote his 2011 release, Son of Ojito. He has had radio airplay around the US and in Canada and Italy, on stations such as KDUP in Portland, OR, WMPG in Portland, ME, CFRE in Mississauga, ON and CJUM in Winnepeg, MAN.

 Rosenfield's indie folk songs are filled with unconventional imagery over a backdrop of raw acoustic guitar. There's a little country music in there somewhere, vying with the punk rock and the folk and the blues. Benjamin McNeil of The Pulse Magazine described Rosenfield as, “...a raw-sounding philosophical conversationalist. He's a poetic story-teller, a man with a guitar and musical integrity.”

 Rosenfield's touring style is unique; he travels with his wife and children in a 1982 Winnebago, which runs on waste vegetable oil from restaurants.

 "David Rosenfield is the quintessential gentleman songster of our times; entertaining in a truly organic and knowingly experienced way." - Simaen Skolfield, Grammy Award winning recording engineer